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Free Co-Working in West Seattle

We offer our community a unique, one-of-a-kind, free co-working space located in the heart of the Morgan Junction in Seattle, Washington. We're open daily from 8AM-5PM and offer private rentals for special events and meetings year round.

We are co-located with Youngstown Coffee & HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe. You can support our small businesses when you visit by purchasing food & drink from one of the cafes.

host an event

Business or personal events and parties

Meeting & Event Rentals

teach a class

Great for groups from 15-20 people

have a meeting

Our conference area is small group meetings

Reservation & Rental Pricing


desks: first-come, first-serve

Desks are free on a first-come, first-serve basis and no reservation is needed. We just ask that you purchase something from one of our adjacent cafes to support our small business.


all-day desk reservation

Desks are free on a first-come, first-serve basis, or you can reserve a desk for $20 for the entire day. This fee covers you from 8AM-5PM.


per hour

just the conference area

Use our semi-private conference area, equipped with a 360 degree camera for Zoom meeting and a 50" TV for slides.


public community events

Not-for-profit community events are free if they are open to the public. If you are a non-profit or mutual aid organization hosting a private event, you can rent the space at 20% off ($60/hr)


per hour

rent the space

If you'd like to host a meeting, event, class, or party, we charge by the hour. Events require self-setup and clean-up and a minimum catering spend of $150.


25-min business consult

Meet with our small business advisor, Monica Colgan to discuss your small business. We specialize in business startups & growth-oriented companies.

Get in Touch


6030 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98136

Email Address

Phone Number

(206) 801-1202


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About Us

Launchpad is a free service offering of Launch Industries, a minority-owned and operated business consulting and contract services firm. We're headquartered in Seattle, Washington and we help entrepreneurs create diverse, equitable, inclusive, sustainable, tech-enabled businesses and non-profit organizations. We provide sound business advice, technical assistance, business support services, and training.

We have have over 20 years of experience in organization development, HR/people advisory, and information technology systems, and to-date have served over 300

locally-owned Seattle-based businesses.

Launch Industries

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(206) 801-1202

call or text

Launch Industries LLC

6030 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98136

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